Dese Conference 2022

Upcoming Conference

Robotics, AI, Sensors and Industry 4.0

November 2022 at Baghdad, Iraq

Venue to be confirmed

The 15th International Conference on the Developments on eSystems Engineering (DeSE2021) will continue the success of the previous DeSE conferences.

About DeSE2022

DeSE2022 will provide a leading forum for disseminating the latest results in eSystem Development, AI, Sensors, and Industry 4.0.
Currently a high level of interest is being generated through the development of a wide end varied range of eSystems. There are many high profile projects, all around the world, seeking to transfer many services and facilities into state-of-the-art electronic technologies.

Conference topics

The conference is aimed to address current research issues in the design, engineering and adoption of eSystems. DeSE2022 conference comprises of stimulating tracks: