DeSE Series Committees

DeSE Series General Chairs

The general Series chairs are reasonable  of making all final decisions regarding the conference (in collaboration with the local conference chair/s), including how roles and responsibilities are divided. They’re often responsible for selecting where the conference is held and other important responsibilities:

  • Prof. Dhiya Al-Jumeily OBE, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Hissam Tawfik, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Abir Hussain, United Kingdom

DeSE Series International Collaboration Chair

The steering committee international collaboration chair  is responsible for the overall organization and financial planning of the conference.

  • Prof. Jamila Mustafina, Russia 

DeSE General Local Chairs 

  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

           Professor Albert Zomaya, University of Sydney, Australia 

  • DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia 

           Professor Raj Ranjan, UK

  • DeSE2018 – Cambridge, UK

        Prof. Rajkumar Buyya, Australia

  • DeSE2017 – Paris, France

        Professor Zakaria Maamar, UAE

  • DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Professor Nizar Bouguila, Canada 

  • DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Atulya Nagar, UK

  • DeSE2014 -Paphos, Cyprus

        Professor George A. Papadopoulos, Cyprus

  • DeSE2013 -Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Professor Peter Wellstead, UK 

  • DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor Roxana Radvan, Romania  

  • DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Professor Abdullah M Alshamsi, UAE

  • DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Panos Liatsis, UK

  • DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Paulo Lisboa, UK

  • DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK 

      Professor Rafid AlKhaddar, UK


DeSE Local General Chairs/Co-Chairs 


  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

        Professor Ai Qingsong, Wuhan University of Technology, China

DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia

        Professor Evgeni Magid, Russia

DeSE2018 Cambridge, UK 

        Dr. Majeed Soufian, UK

DeSE2017 – Paris, France 

        Prof. Hani Hamdan, Paris, France

  • DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Dr. Tom Dawson, UK

  • DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Esa Baskiti Bastaki, UAE

  • DeSE2014 -Paphos, Cyprus

        Dr. Naeem Radi, UAE

  • DeSE2013 -Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Professor Diane Meehan, UK

  • DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor V. E. Gueorguiev, Bulgaria

  • DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Professor Madjid Merabti, UK

  • DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Dhiya Al-Jumeily, UK

  • DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Khaled Shaalan, Egypt

  • DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK

      Professor  Abdennour El Rhalibi, UK

DeSE Technical Program Chairs/Co-Chairs 

  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

        Professor Sergio Toral Marin, University of Sevilla, Spain

  • DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia 

        Prof. Michael Sheng, Australia
        Dr. Thar Baker, UAE

  • DeSE2018 Cambridge, UK 

        Prof De-Shuang Huang, China

DeSE2017 – Paris, France 

        Prof. Laurence T. Young, Canada

DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Prof. Panos liatsis, UAE

DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Yannis Goulermas, UK

DeSE2014 – Paphos, Cyprus

        Professor Abir Hussain, UK

DeSE2013 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Dr. Naeem Radi, UAE

DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor Hissam Tawfik, UK

DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Dr. Saad Ali Amin,  UAE

DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Duc Pham, UK

DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma’a, UK

DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK

      Professor Terrence Ferando, UK

Publicity Chair

  • Dr. Martin Randles, UK

    Graphics Designer

Mrs Asma Al-Kamaley, UK

Dr. Stephen Tang, UK

Web Designer 

Mr. David Folksman, UK
Mr. Dan Williams, Australia.

Technical Support Officer 

Mr. Abdulbaset Abdulsamad Molhi, UK